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Events at the heart of your strategy

Integrating events into your communication strategy is much more than just an opportunity for gathering. It is a chance to strengthen ties with your target audience and key sponsors in a tangible and memorable way. Events provide a space where your values and missions can be conveyed authentically, thereby enhancing engagement and loyalty. Additionally, these occasions allow for the creation of special moments of human connection, reinforcing the sense of belonging to your community and fostering continued support for your organization.

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Our event management process is based on collaboration, where each step is discussed and decided collectively, ensuring an event that perfectly reflects your needs and values.


Free yourself from the stress of organizing and let us provide impeccable event management, where creativity meets precision for guaranteed success.

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From marketing strategy to digital promotion, our team integrates innovative solutions to ensure maximum visibility for your event, attracting a wide and engaged audience ready to enjoy a unique experience.

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Flawless logistics to ensure the success of your event

In creating a memorable event, every detail matters. That’s why we are committed to providing you with impeccable logistics, meticulously planned to meet your specific needs. From venue bookings to coordinating suppliers, managing registrations, and setting up equipment, our dedicated team ensures that every aspect is handled with precision. Whether it’s a large-scale event or a smaller gathering, what matters most is that it aligns with your mission. Trust our expertise to make your event an unforgettable success.

Registration Management

The event is tailored according to registrations for a customized experience.

Zeffy Integration

The community's fee-free transactional platform.

Volunteer Management

Harmonizing teams for flawless logistics.

Day-of Coordination

Smooth execution, precise planning.

Live Streaming on Social Media

Social media coverage on the day of the event.

Post-Event Evaluation

Nothing beats joint feedback to ensure the sustainability of our upcoming events.

The Origins of Kyo Marketing Interactif

Kyo Marketing Interactif has been like a second home to me since 2012, an adventure I cherish day after day....