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Social Media Marketing

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Targeted Marketing

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An Engaged Community

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Dynamic Planning

See how Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and others can REALLY be useful to you

Translate the concepts of « Earned », « Owned », and « Paid » marketing to your advantage.

If engaging with fans isn’t familiar to you, strategize! It’s like giving your first oral presentation: the better prepared you are, the more confident you’ll be, and the more confident you are, the better the connection.

On one hand, you have social networks available at no cost (owned) where people talk about you (earned), and on the other hand, there are advertisements (paid) to quickly attract potential customers to your website.

The internet provides all the tools for creating a network for your business. To make the magic happen, all you need is a blog, a newsletter, and your accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and/or Google+.

Integrate everything into a well-planned strategy, and there you have the recipe for success.

Plain and simple.

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Editorial Planning

Let's investigate the specifics of your market to find content that resonates with your potential customers.

Registrations & Training

Let's select the social networks that align with your business and master their operation.

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Detailed Profile

Identify your audience accurately to guide your traditional and online marketing efforts.

Community Management

Leave it to our community manager to animate your various social media platforms.

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Targeted Advertising

An ad on social media targets a specific age group, interests, and geographic area.

Advanced Statistics

Track the success of each post by following clicks through your site using Google Analytics.

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Explore the features at your disposal.

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Discount for a 'like'

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WiFi Access Marketing

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Integrated Surveys

Jump on the free tools available to you.

Some entrepreneurs hesitate to use social media, fearing that conversations may derail and cause more harm than good. However…

These platforms, in their basic form, are free and offer direct access to your fans. By creating a conversation space online, you can gain a clear understanding of the motivations and concerns of your market.

As in any relationship, it’s important to nurture the connection, not be afraid to give, receive, and negotiate. Embrace the love from people who want to follow your brand!

Media Selection

Be consistent with the tool used.

Online Reputation Monitoring

Join the conversation.

Periodic Statistics

Measure the success of your actions.

User Guides

Visual, simple, and personalized.

Share Icons

Facilitate content sharing.

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